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Why do you think the way you do?

Let’s look at a few categories of life: God, Health, Family, and Wealth. Were you taught that God loves you? Keep thinking that way. God’s love has served as your source to love yourself and others. Were you taught that God is here to punish you? May I suggest to stop thinking that way. It doesn’t serve you. Assess each of these areas and ask yourself if you are getting what you want from each area. Were you taught that we are all going to die from something so don’t worry about your health? Well, that statement is true if you don’t mind cutting your quality and quantity of life by thirty years or so. Were you taught that your body is your gift and your vehicle for life and should be treated extremely well? If you were, you are probably very fit, energetic, and express a high level of vitality. Were you taught that family isn’t that important and that when things go wrong you leave? That doesn’t work, does it? Were you taught that families are worth pushing through the challenges to make the family unit stronger? I bet you have a great loving family if you were taught that program. Were you taught that money is bad and you shouldn’t care about it? If you are still operating in that program, my guess is that you struggle financially. Again, you get the point.

It is our responsibility to ask ourselves why we think the way we do. Who programmed our minds? Where did my current level of thought come from and is it still working for me? If it is not, then hot damn, today is your lucky day because you now have the freedom to think the way you want to think. You now have the freedom to program your mind in a way that helps you, not hinders you. You now have the freedom to choose to think in a way that gives you the opportunity to get what you want.