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Who Are You

Do you know yourself? Have you ever had a “numero-uno” date with yourself and your notepad? Who are you? Really, who are you? This is a fabulous question to ask. A great end of year gift to yourself is to write a one-page bio on you. Who are you right here, right now?

The reason it is so important to explore this is because it gives you your starting point. If you were pushed out of a plane and parachuted into a remote location with one instruction, “You are landing at point A; get to point B.” Is it more important for you to know where you are going or know where you are starting? We must know where we are before we can determine what direction we need to go.

You can begin this process by asking yourself the following questions: What are my core values? What is most important to me at this point in my life? What would I die for? What emotions do I experience most of the time? What are my political views? What are my spiritual views? Who are the key relationships in my life? What economic class would I categorize myself in? What are my strengths? What are my areas that need improvement? What are my greatest accomplishments and most embarrassing moments? What do I look like physically? What are my favorite foods, colors, movies, books, games? What do I like to do in my free time? What do I like about myself? What is my personality type?

I challenge you to take the time and ask and answer these questions. When you know yourself, you create certainty which will shine through in everything you do.