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This Is Faith

So what is faith anyway? What does faith mean? Faith comes from the Greek word “pistis” which literally means to have trust or confidence in someone or something else. I find it ironic that the Greek word “pistis” so closely resembles the slang word pissed, as in “pissed off,” which means to urinate or make or become angry. Maybe it’s just me that sees the humor in that. Do you get angry or uncomfortable or feel the need to use the restroom when someone starts talking about faith? Hmmm. Let’s look at that.

When someone has faith, it means they trust that everything will work out. They know that this too, shall pass. It would be impossible for me to write on how to get what you want without including faith. Faith is a crucial pillar of self-growth. Faith doesn’t have to be spiritual, either. Every time you get in your car for a drive, you are practicing faith that the other drivers do not drive as bad as I do. Just kidding. But seriously, every time you pass a car coming your way, you are exercising faith that they are not going to come in your lane and hit you head-on. Every time you send your kids to school, you are practicing a faith that a highly disturbed individual has not been prescribed mind-altering medication and is going to show up with a shotgun. Faith is crucial to living the Elevate lifestyle. George Michael got it right when he sang, “You gotta have faith!”

So why is faith important? Well, spiritually speaking, when you know God believes in you, it enables you to have a stronger faith in your ability to accomplish what you set out to accomplish. It’s been said that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can move mountains. I believe this to be metaphorical, but hey, you never know. Faith helps us push through the mountains of challenges that will come our way. When we have faith that God has our back and is for us, just watch how much strength that gives us to accomplish what we want.

As a human race, we value the power of life. This is a form of faith. There is something innate inside of us that appreciates life. I was walking into work recently and I passed a very pregnant woman. I’m talking ready to pop pregnant. I smiled at her with a warm smile. As I walked passed her, I wasn’t sure why I smiled, and then I realized there is something remarkable about a growing baby inside of her. Of course, there is also something remarkable about a woman that carries a baby for nine months, too! There is something remarkable about life. As a society, we come together to protect innocent life. For example, if you have ever seen someone choke in public or have a heart attack, society stops. We move in to help. When innocent life is being lost, we come together. This is faith.