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The Habits Of Wealth

Why wealth? Because if you are poor it is very difficult to focus on anything else but surviving and paying your bills, that’s why. You’re destined for more than that. Is that right or right? Okay, let’s start with what wealth is. Wealth is the subject of money and money accumulation. Money has always been a fun subject for me. I think for most entrepreneurs it usually is. What is money? Seriously, have you ever considered that question? Is money evil? Is money good?

What is this little piece of paper with a dead president on it that we call money and why is there so much emotion toward it? I know for some the very mention of money begins to trigger all kinds of nonproductive programs. “I don’t need money. Money is not important to me. Why do we have to focus on money? Money is all about greed.” If this is you, please keep reading. Saying you don’t care about money is like saying you don’t care about food, or clothes, or a roof over your head. Money is very, very important.

For many of us, the only reason we have struggled with money is because of our negative emotion toward it that came from what we were taught about it. It may have come from people using money in a negative way and now we link all money to negativity. Let’s clear this topic up because if one of the things you want is more money, than we must feel good about what money represents. If you were to ask me if I loved money, as my friend Jon says, “If you are talking about little pieces of paper with dead presidents on them, then no, I do not love money. If you are talking about what money represents, then absolutely yes. I love what money represents.”

Money represents the byproducts of our services and products! The amount of money you make is a direct reflection to the amount of service you provide to the world. The more service you provide, the more money you make. Do you see that? Money is the result of our proudest accomplishments, service, and products that contribute to our world. If you want more money, stop thinking about money and instead start thinking about ways you can create as much value as you can for as many people as you can.