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Beyond Business Expansion | The Executive Leader | Tackle the Stress Monkey | Negotiation and Influence 101 | Personal Fulfillment Fluff | Energy, Vitality and Youth


Why do some businesses take off like rocket ships and others more like a tugboat? Every business requires the Five Business and Five Personal Success MUSTS if they want to master the game of business. This workshop is catered to business owners and entrepreneurs that want to be in charge of their own destiny.

Embrace the Top Performer Sales Habit and watch your numbers soar. Thousands of dollars are left on the table with every deal if you do not know the game of negotiation. Do you have a hard time establishing trust and credibility? Wonder why the deals you make do not go as you had planned?

It’s time to learn how to communicate effectively in business and in life to achieve what you want.┬áThis talk is a must for your management and sales departments.

Is it time to lead your company like a Fortune 500 executive? Most business executives fall short and burnout. Learn how to manage by the metrics, inspire your team and lead like a BOSS. This workshop is catered for the leaders in your company and organization.


Do you leave personal development to the ones that really need it? If you’re like most business owners and executives, that might be true. Learn the keys in personal development without the fluff. Learn the basics to live a life of happiness instead of grind. Catered to the business family man and woman, come learn that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. It’s time to step back into your greatness and this workshop will give you the tools to get the results you want.


Is your team a little sluggish? Could they use a boost in morale? Learn how to tackle the stress monkey and increase your bottom line. This workshop will get your team energized and purposeful again. It will inspire them to become more self-directed and require little follow-up from management.

Does your team complain of low energy and fatigue? Do they want to improve how they look and feel? This workshop is Wellness 101. Your team will learn what to eat and what not to; the difference between good and bad exercise; why stress management is a myth, and how to prevent most toxicities that lead to heart disease and cancer.