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Pork Chops

What is money? Money is simply a tool of exchange. It was invented for our convenience. It was invented so we could get pork chops easier. I’ll explain. Once upon a time, long, long ago in a land far, far away, you were awoken early one fine beautiful morning to the ruckus of your five kids playing by the hot stove. “Daddy, Mommy, we want pork chops tonight for dinner! We are so hungry for some yummy pork chops!” You crawl out of bed and put on you work clothes. You want to be a good parent that fills their kid’s bellies up with yummy pork chops. You let your family know that you are going to the country market and will be back in a few hours.

You gather up ten chickens from the coop and head on down to the market. One of the chickens gets out of the cage and it takes you another hour to finally catch that rascal. You get to the market and begin to talk to several people and see if they would like to trade your ten chickens for two goats. You finally find someone who needs ten chickens and is willing to trade you their two goats. Now you need to find someone who wants your two goats for one fat pig with juicy pork chops. You’re tired, so you take a little break and gather up more gumption to find your next trade. Finally! You find a little old grandma that wants to trade her fat pig for your two goats. You make the trade, get the greasy pig home and off to the slaughter shed you go. At 6:00 pm that night, you are the Parent of the Year and your family gets their fat, juicy pork chops. Yummmmm. Do you see now why money was made because of pork chops? I guess that is why I have always been fond of pigs. Bring on the bacon, baby.

Now instead of trading livestock, we can go to the market and pay money for what we want. Money is a tool of exchange, nothing more, nothing less. Every emotion, every experience, and every example we have that turns money into anything else other than a tool of exchange is false. Inventing money gave us convenience and the ability to store wealth. I no longer have to have a huge herd of cattle and wheat for wealth. Now I just need a bank account with money in it. Get it? Got it? Good!

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