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ParentingThis post is for the parents out there. I’m assuming if you have kids, you want them to be incredible.  Kids are such a gift to us, aren’t they? Parenting is a privilege, and in my opinion, a trusted gift from God. Children are one of the greatest joys in life. Our job as parents is to give them the tools they need to succeed in life. Now remember, this goes without being said, you are the example! You must live the Elevate life if you want your kids to live the Elevate life.Do as I say, not as I do, does not work. If you smoke, your kids will be open to smoking, regardless of what excuse you give them. You are their hero! If you yell at your spouse, your kids will be open to yelling at their future spouse. If you talk about money in a poverty mindset way your kids will talk about money in a poverty mindset way. Parenting is your opportunity to break any generational curses and give your kids the Elevate mindset. If you want more for your kids than you have for yourself, you have the power to make that happen.

Don’t be the parent that says, “This is the way I am because this is the way my parents were, and this is the way I am going to allow you to be for your life and your future kid’s lives.” Sounds crazy, right? Break the cycle! I know you would have never gotten this far in the book if you were not the kind of person that has the courage to see where your parenting falls short. If it is time for a U-turn, then crank the wheel now. We are all holding on! We are talking about not only their future, but yours, and mine, and your neighbors! I’m done with kids bringing shotguns to school! You?

My guess is if you are a parent, it is pretty safe to say that one of the things you want is for them to develop into a happy, healthy, elevated mindset adult. I have put together a few lists that my wife and I practice. Our boys are fantastic and we are very proud of them. Our goal is to make sure we develop them to become highly functioning people for as long as we have them under our influence. If we do it right, my hope is that our mentorship will be forever in some way.

Can you imagine if you had two loving parents that took the time to invest in you the way you are going to begin to invest in your kids? Yeah! Think how long it took you to learn what this book is all about. Can you imagine how much farther you would be ahead if it didn’t take you thirty years to learn to eat right and exercise, for example? Can you imagine if you were trained as a child to invest ten percent of your money every week? Parenting is a blessing, folks.

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