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Love People!

Love People

Love people. One way to do this is to help others. Contribute. I don’t believe we were born to keep our talents to ourselves. I believe we have a moral right to help others and bring them closer to their purpose, to give them opportunities to elevate themselves. Don’t you feel great when you are helping someone with your time or money? Have you done that lately? Who needs help around you? Who do you know that truly wants to better themselves? Help someone today,  small or big, give it a shot. Help others. This is the ultimate action step in loving people.

Love People

In summary, we have discussed loving God, loving ourselves, and loving people. Let’s be that change to ourselves so we can see that change in the world. Start with yourself, let it shine to the people closest to you, and let that cycle continue until we see a positive change.

Bottom line:

The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of God’s love. When you are loved by a source greater than man, it gives you the strength and power to love yourself. When you love yourself, it gives you the strength and power to shine that love to others.