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Guard your Influences

Do you only take advice from people you want to be like? This can be a big one if you answered no. If you take advice from people that you do not want to be like, you begin to think the way they think and have what they have. Only, only, only take advice from people that you want to be like. If you don’t, many times, especially when someone is giving you unsolicited advice, they are trying to convince themselves about a decision they have made as they are giving their advice to you. If you want to be rich, take advice from someone who is rich. If you want to be healthy, take advice from someone that is healthy. If you want marriage advice, take advice from a couple who have a great marriage. You get the point.

The people in your life are extremely influential to your future. Make sure they are encouraging you, putting courage in you, and not discouraging you, taking courage out of you. If you find yourself around others who are making decisions and choices that no longer line up with who you are or who you are becoming, make the choice to eliminate or greatly decrease your exposure to them. You really do become like the people you hang out with.

If you are ever around someone who starts to belittle your ambitions, recognize that only small people do that and life is too short to be little. Run for your life. I’m not kidding. Some people can help us get what we want and some people can shoot us down and try to prevent us from getting what we want. Be on guard.