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Fear and Courage

fear and courageIt can be scary to go after what you want. It is supposed to be. You want to feel uncomfortable and put yourself out there to get what you really, really want. If it was not uncomfortable for you, you would already have it. The reason fear kicks in is because it is supposed to! This is normal. This is your indicator that says that you are reaching far enough.

I do not believe fear can be totally avoided; however, it can be greatly minimized by how we mentally set up the decisions we make before we process them. If we train our minds to have a positive expectation instead of a negative expectation, we can eliminate a lot of fear. If you think, “My husband is going to get really upset if I tell him I want our kids to go to private school,” then you will produce some fear. This is a negative expectation, and negative expectations produce fear. If you think, “My husband is going to be really excited about our kid’s education and future by placing them on a track that will help them succeed faster,” then you will produce excitement through positive expectation. Give it a shot. Begin to program your mind to expect acceptance and excitement, not rejection.