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Does Money Equate to Happiness?

DOES MONEY EQUATE TO HAPPINESS?My family was at our friend and colleague’s wedding a few months ago and we gave her and her hubby a nice check as a bonus to spend on their honeymoon. They are both fellow entrepreneurs and we were having a great time. I said to them, “Do you know what my favorite word is? Cha… Do you know what my second favorite word is? Ching!” We all cracked up. Her hubby came back with, “Do you know what is better than money? More money!” Laughs all around.

It is true that money alone does not bring happiness; however, let me be the first to tell you, I have been rich and happy and I have been poor and happy. I would rather be rich and happy. It is good to want the kind of lifestyle that allows you to have a greater impact on the world. It is good to be able to live your dreams. It is good to experience financial and time freedom. It is good to have no debt. It is good to enjoy life free of the discomfort of owing people money. It is good to have the ability to make better choices on where you want your kids to go to school and what part of the world you want to explore, and what quality of food you want to eat. Be open to receiving massive amounts of money.

Most of us know that money is extremely important. When it comes to our happiness, remember, money can buy you a new house, but it cannot buy you a home. Money can buy you a great bed, but it cannot buy you a good night’s sleep. It can buy you friends, but it cannot buy you true friendship. It can buy you companionship, but it cannot buy you love. Keep your pursuit about service to the world and you will get your happiness and money.