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Creating Congruent Programs: Fundamental Programs

Creating Congruent Programs:  Fundamental Programs

“Indecision may or may not be my problem.”
-Jimmy Buffett

I have been excited to write this chapter for quite some time now. Over the years, I have wrestled with several conflicting programs. Some things that were taught to me have worked really well and some have not. I hope some of the distinctions that I have made create clarity for you as they have done for me. As you already know, we have the choice on how we want to think. How you think gives you the results in your life.

Congruent Problems

A good rule to follow is to think like someone who has what you want in that area of their life. If someone has a great spiritual life and it is evident by the results in their life, ask them their thoughts on spirituality. If someone is super fit and you can literally grate cheese off their abs, ask them how they think about health and fitness. If someone has gobs of cash, ask them their thoughts on moolah. If someone is voted the best husband and daddy in the world, ask them how they think about family.

We all have a fundamental premise on what we believe for every category of our life. If we have not created certainty about what programs run our mind for the important areas of our life, it is happening without you knowing it. Have you heard, “When it rains, it pours!” or “All bad things come in threes!” or “Things have been going really well, I’m waiting for something bad to happen now.”  When you are going through a challenge in life, do you really want to think that it is going to start pouring on you now? Or do you really want to think that after every challenge you’re going to get two more challenges back-to-back? Do you really want to think that when things are going well, a challenge is around the corner? Of course not! We all have hundreds of these little thought programs that we live by. Our job is to make sure we are conscious of them and that they are serving us.

We’re going to explore a few areas of life and get certain about what we believe about them. We are going to get certain about how we think about each area. If we don’t like how we are currently thinking in each area, hit the delete button and reboot. The best way to see how you think in each category of life is to ask yourself if you like the results you are getting in that area. We touched on this in the Choice and Responsibility chapter. When we are certain about where we stand and how we think, we are in control. When we are in control, we get what we want.


The following are my programs for the top four areas of my life that I focus on the most. This is how I think in these categories. These programs have served me well. I share them as an example. What are your programs for these areas? After reading these, either hit the download button or start programming your own. As soon as you are certain about the program, remember, your thoughts become your feelings, your feelings become your actions and actions become your results! Thoughts really do become things. Choose the good thoughts!


God represents: Unconditional Love, Strength, Wisdom, Encouragement, Security, Guidance, Peace, and Understanding.

God’s number one and two commandments are to love Him and treat others how you want to be treated.

My faith in action, by helping my fellow man and utilizing my gifts and talents, is more important to God than what name I call Him or spiritual practice I follow.


When I am strong and vibrant physically, I am strong and vibrant in every area of my life.

It is my responsibility to take excellent care of the body I was given for myself, my family, and all those I love.

My health is elevated by: avoiding toxins, maintaining my spine and nervous system through chiropractic adjustments, eating lean, clean and green, exercising regularly, and living the Elevate mindset.


Extraordinary relationships require extraordinary people.

Family is a gift for the purpose of life-long happiness and growth together.

Family is based on: unconditional love and commitment, communication, and total acceptance of one another with a shared purpose and vision.


Money is a tool of exchange for goods and services sold, and by itself, has nothing to do with good or bad.

Money represents: achievement, production, the entrepreneurial spirit, freedom, and America.

My relationship with money is a healthy, loving one and money flows to me because I manage it well.