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Chapter Six: Believe In Yourself

Believe in Yourself!

believe in yourself
Chapter in my book is titled: Believe in Yourself! At the end of the book, I list out practicals to make the words a reality. Give these a shot this month! :) If you need to see these in action, check out our YouTube channel for Chapter 6. Practical: Make a list of fifty things you have accomplished and are proud of in your life. Start as early as you can remember and don’t stop until you have ...
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I Believe In You! Self Esteem and Believing In Yourself

I Believe In You!  Self Esteem and Believing In Yourself SELF-ESTEEM If you really aren’t sure how strong your belief in yourself is, then let’s test it. Low self-esteem is generally a good indicator of many of our character traits, including a strong belief in ourselves. Ask yourself the following yes or no questions: Am I too sensitive to criticism? Am I extremely hard on myself? Do I n...
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