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Break The Funk

If you ever feel like you are in a funk and happiness is escaping you, here is how you can get happy again, today! Do one of the following:  meet someone new that is interesting and funny; do an experience you have not done before; buy a new outfit; and/or do something you are afraid to do. If you take action and do one of these things when you feel like you are in a funk, you will snap out of it right away. It sounds simple. It is! Do it!

Happiness does not come naturally to many of us. Happiness does take effort. These few things above have certainly been my formula. Anyone who knows me knows me to be a pretty happy person. I smile all the time. Seriously. It disturbs some people that I smile so much. I have been asked many times by people I am just getting to know, what makes me so happy. Well, everything you just read is it. Happiness really does have a formula. Choose to be happy. Begin today to start to do the things that make you happy.