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Believe In Yourself

The four most important words you can tell another human being for encouragement is, “I believe in you!” It feels great to hear, doesn’t it? It is empowering to know that someone believes in you! Why do you think that is?

Belief in yourself is a fundamental key skill to live the life you want. We must know down to our bones that we can do it, that we have what it takes, and that we have faith we are going to come through in any situation if we ever want to get what we want.

You Can Be Anything

One of Zig Ziglar’s famous quotes is, “You can be anything you want to be, have anything you want to have, and do anything you want to do.” These affirmative words are life changing. Folks, when you believe in yourself, you have fuel to conquer the many challenges that will come your way. You will develop the power to drive your ambition to achieve anything you want. Belief in yourself is magic to your life.

We All Have The Light

We all have the light! This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine! People who shine are the most successful people in the world. People who have a solid belief in themselves accept themselves; they love themselves, and they trust themselves. They have the fuel to achieve greatness because they believe they can! They believe they were made for a bigger purpose than just themselves. They know that living small doesn’t benefit anyone. Life is too short to be little! They demand more from themselves than anyone possibly expects! They know that happiness comes from striving to be their ideal selves every day. Belief in ourselves allows us to break the shackles of inhibition! So many of us have lost our belief in ourselves. Guess what? We can get it back!

If you have it already, grow it! If you don’t already have it, how do you get this belief in yourself back? Well, it begins when we are kids. It starts with our parents, our best friends, our siblings closest to us. We develop this belief first from encouragement of those we love: “You can do it; I believe in you, Johnny; Way to go; I knew you had it in you; you have everything it takes, Sally!” These words of encouragement set the framework for a life of belief in ourselves.

You Can Do Anything Regardless Of Circumstances

I must give a shout out to my mom on this one! As I mentioned earlier, we had it pretty rough while I was growing up. It was extremely unstable, to say the least. We ran from one bad situation to another, trying to make a better life. Don’t get me wrong, I was a happy kid. I didn’t know any different, really. The one thing that was constantly downloaded into me big time though was that I could do anything I set my mind to, regardless of the circumstance. I was told that I was special and had a gift. I was told I could create a different, more stable life for my future family. I took all those pearls of encouragement throughout my childhood and applied them to my life and my wonderful family now. I am grateful for my childhood. It laid the foundation for my drive and grounded me to what truly makes a person happy. Thanks, Mom!

Encourage Yourself And Others

Now if we didn’t have the opportunity with loved ones around us growing up, to have positive, encouraging, belief-creating statements downloaded into our heads and hearts, then we start now with ourselves. Some of the most encouraging people I know had some pretty rotten childhoods. They see their childhood experiences as a gift and as a future strength. They see them as an opportunity to realize how important having someone believe in them is. And since they never had it, they are the biggest encouragers I know. So if you didn’t get the belief in yourself from a loved one, start now by telling yourself, “Yes, I can do it; Yes, I do believe in myself!” You will get it back!