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Be Your Best

Be your best! The main recipe I know of for emotional disaster is to not become what you know you are capable of. Whatever you can be, you must be. Believe in yourself. You can be what you want to be. Break those shackles of inhibition and go after what you want. Aren’t you happiest when you’re growing, accomplishing something, or going after what is important to you? Look, if there is any fear or victimhood, take responsibility for your life. It can start over now. If you fall down, get back up. Keep moving forward. You are worth it. Be your best.

Have you ever been asked to imagine the world without you in it? This question can kind of sting. For example, do you know much about your great-grandfather? I don’t. I know my great grandfather came from Hungary and had his own business. I’m glad he did, that’s for sure. What are our great-grandkids going to say about our legacy? Are you making a difference? Are you focused on thriving or are you just surviving? Folks, this life is our shot. Be your best!

I think the question, “How would the world be much different if you were not in it,” can be very revealing. For one, it tests your purpose. It is a gut check into how we are showing up and affecting the person in the mirror every day. It is a gut check on our so-called “problems.” I think this question can stimulate us to be our best and help us to not let things bother us so much.

Have you heard the philosophy, you are not your thoughts? My take on this is that you are more than just your thoughts. You are a shining light in this world. You do matter! Your opinions matter! Your unique personality matters! You must shine your light. You can make a difference. You have the same power in you that is in the Sun! Let your light shine, baby! Your existence matters! You matter!