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Self Discipline

Every day we are preparing for success or failure whether we know it or not. We all have the pain of challenges. It’s true. How we respond to them is what makes it suffering or not. Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. There are two kinds of pain in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Which one do you choose? Let’s choose the pain of discipline. Everything comes with a pr...
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Seeking Approval

seeking approval
A while back, I was in a group environment where I got to know the others over the course of a weekend. A nice woman came up to me at the end of the weekend and said, “You know, at first I didn’t like you, but now I like you.” Frankly, it kind of threw me off. I did a gut check. What did I do? What would I do to make her not like me? I examined myself. I was searching for a reason to apologize ...
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Self Acceptance

Sometimes we need help in even realizing what it is that we need to accept in ourselves. One good tool is to recognize if there is anything in anyone else that you can’t stand. I mean, you really, really don’t like. “When I get around this person, I hate it when they act like that!” or “I don’t know what it is, but I really despise that person.” If you can relate to this, you have just discovered ...
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Corporate Retreats

Corporate Retreats Does your company have an annual corporate retreat? Our corporate retreats are very different from most. In addition to the upcoming years annual objectives, we inspire through a re-commitment to the purpose and vision of the company. This ignition process is business AND personal leadership focused. Our corporate retreats are filled with fun and excitement in addition to m...
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Strategic Advisory Programs

Strategic Advisory Programs Elevate Business | Elevate Sales | Elevate Team   Elevate has one purpose. Our purpose is to inspire greatness through courage, potential and fulfillment. Our events, workshops and strategic advisory programs are catered to your business and personal targets. Imagine what you can achieve once you break through the barriers of expansion. What does the next leve...
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Workshops and Keynotes

The Elevate Experience Workshops and Keynote Presentations   Beyond Business Expansion | The Executive Leader | Tackle the Stress Monkey | Negotiation and Influence 101 | Personal Fulfillment Fluff | Energy, Vitality and Youth   Why do some businesses take off like rocket ships and others more like a tugboat? Every business requires the Five Business and Five Personal Success MUSTS i...
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