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Does Money Equate to Happiness?

My family was at our friend and colleague’s wedding a few months ago and we gave her and her hubby a nice check as a bonus to spend on their honeymoon. They are both fellow entrepreneurs and we were having a great time. I said to them, “Do you know what my favorite word is? Cha… Do you know what my second favorite word is? Ching!” We all cracked up. Her hubby came back with, “Do you know what is b...
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! As the holiday season is in full swing, don't forget to pause, slow down a bit, hug those you love, and make a difference in someone else's life.  As we all know, it is so easy to forget what Christmas is all about.  Of course, it signifies the birth of Jesus Christ, however, it also signifies a very special time of year to live out our highest values. Chri...
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Fear and Courage

fear and courage
It can be scary to go after what you want. It is supposed to be. You want to feel uncomfortable and put yourself out there to get what you really, really want. If it was not uncomfortable for you, you would already have it. The reason fear kicks in is because it is supposed to! This is normal. This is your indicator that says that you are reaching far enough. I do not believe fear can be totally ...
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Why Wealth?

Why wealth? Because if you are poor, it is very difficult to focus on anything else but surviving and paying your bills, that’s why.  You’re destined for more than that. Is that right or right? Okay, let’s start with what wealth is. Wealth is the subject of money and money accumulation. Money has always been a fun subject for me. I think for most entrepreneurs it usually is. What is money? Seri...
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Believe in Yourself!

believe in yourself
Chapter in my book is titled: Believe in Yourself! At the end of the book, I list out practicals to make the words a reality. Give these a shot this month! :) If you need to see these in action, check out our YouTube channel for Chapter 6. Practical: Make a list of fifty things you have accomplished and are proud of in your life. Start as early as you can remember and don’t stop until you have ...
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Elevate Wedding Officiant

Congratulations on finding the love of your life! My wife and I have been married for 20 years now and I truly honor those who share the commitment. I was asked last year to officiate my friends wedding and knew I had to share this experience again with others. I'm a professional speaker and author, with a true passion for making your wedding the most memorable day in your lives. I cater to your n...
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Marriage a Little Rocky?

Most of us know that marriage is not always bliss. Whenever you meet a couple who has a great marriage, it is because they know how to ride through the ups and downs. Marriage is about commitment and communication. As long as each other’s needs are being met, you really can have a life-long happy marriage. I used to think that when I met a couple that had a great marriage, it is because they never...
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This is the cure to judgment. Next time you judge someone, ask yourself if you have ever done the same thing or something similar at some point in your life? This question puts you in a leadership position to relate to them, not judge them. The next time you hear gossip or witness non-confrontation, or see someone blame someone else, take it as an opportunity to relate and help them win. There are...
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Delegation is Crucial for Your Small Business’s Health [Use These Tips to Start Delegating Today]

Small business owners often find themselves taking on every task in their company. But, as a business grows, this hands-on approach becomes harder to maintain. A business’s ability to evolve depends on its leader’s ability to let go of that death grip on… everything… and learn to delegate without micromanaging. But, despite the fact that hoarding tasks is exhausting and ...
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