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Our Mind

Our minds are our greatest encourager. Examples of positive self-talk are, “I can do this; nothing is going to stop me; I believe in myself; I am strong and courageous.” Try saying these now..... Feels good, doesn’t it? Our minds talk to us all of the time, remember? We all have that little voice in our head. If you don’t think you have a voice in your head, it’s the voice that just said, “What...
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Do you need to conquer fear with a little more courage? Try this!

Go with a friend to your grocery store and lie down on the floor and twiddle your thumbs thirty times. Make sure you do it in an area up front where people are going to walk by you or stop. If someone asks you what you are doing, tell them you are taking a break and need to rest for a minute. Before you do this, you are going to hear the Mulaheenie, big time, shout all kinds of fear into your brai...
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